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I'm an avid traveller and photographer.
Well, first comes the joy of travelling, hiking and spending time in nature.
Only then it's fun and a great pleasure to take my camera and to try to capture a great scenery or moment.
So I can keep an image not only for my memory, but also to share it with you. 
Enjoy :-)


Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Black and White part 2

Here the next of my black and white Images I created for a Facebook challenge.
White Stairs
Actually this is an all white image, but after processing for black and white, some tones turned to dark gray. The contrast between the steps and the wall got even more dramatic. The result is completely different to the original but still looks great.
Image taken on Santorini Island, Greece in 2005.
At the Butcher's
An image you seldom see in Europe these days, fresh meat in the open. Reducing the brown and red colors got me lots of texture and contrast which fits the subject very well.
Image taken in Australia in 2007.

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