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I'm an avid traveller and photographer.
Well, first comes the joy of travelling, hiking and spending time in nature.
Only then it's fun and a great pleasure to take my camera and to try to capture a great scenery or moment.
So I can keep an image not only for my memory, but also to share it with you. 
Enjoy :-)


Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Sun and peak

Time to show another image from last fall. As I've written in my last post, I made a wonderful hike on my first day in Tux. Up to the Frauenwand and then down back via the Weitental valley.

The image shows the Hornspitze, that peak (2650m) rises above the Weitental valley. I walked from the left and then down the valley back to Tux.

It was really a gorgeous day with lots of sun and a deep blue sky. As I walked this way I noticed that the sun would make a great counterpoint to the mounain peak. The panorama is a result of 3 images with almost no post processing. Only the lens flares are sometimes not the way I like it. It seems I got lenses that always produce too many colorful dots and circles when photographing the sun. If anybody has a hint how to avoid these, I really like to hear it :-)

I have some more panos and images from the week we've spent in Tyrol. All with a blue sky, a bright sun and great alpine scenery. I think I'll post more soon, it's fun to show what a great country Austria is.