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I'm an avid traveller and photographer.
Well, first comes the joy of travelling, hiking and spending time in nature.
Only then it's fun and a great pleasure to take my camera and to try to capture a great scenery or moment.
So I can keep an image not only for my memory, but also to share it with you. 
Enjoy :-)


Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Look Up!

This was a great winter day, I walked up a seldom visited side valley near Hinterstoder. There I reach the Dietl Alm, in spring it's a beautiful alpine pasture. Now in winter all is covered in thick snow and its very quiet and tranquil.

After walking to the end of the valley, right before the mountains' walls, I stopped and enjoyed the scenery. There was total silence, not even a bird was flying or singing. Lookup I noticed that gorgeous blue sky peeking through the white branches. It was amazing!

The image got really well, the bright contrast between the snow and the sky is perfect. I also managed to have all trees point to the middle.

If you ever need a break from everydays hustle I recommend a walk in the forest. Best you can do for your soul.

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